BIAZA Big Bug Bonanza (BBBB)

BIAZA's very first Big Bug Bonanza will be held from 5-11 August 2013.

Throughout the week BIAZA zoos and aquariums will hold lots of fun activities to raise awareness about insects and creepie crawlies, and show people what fascinating creatures exist in the bug world.

Please click here for a list of participating zoos and aquariums

View all the resources available to members only please log in and visit the Big Bug Bonanza page under Campaigns.

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T +44 (0) 20 7449 6599

WWT Washington Wetland Centre’s mission to bring local people together with inspirational wetlands and wildlife has received a welcome funding boost.


Two snowy owls have hatched at Drusillas Park and have been turning heads at the award winning zoo in East Sussex.


Spectacled eiders are rarely seen in zoos - Torquay’s coastal zoo and aquarium is one of only five public collections in Europe to house them.


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