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50 Years of Working Together for Wildlife

BIAZA is the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums; the professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland. We have over 100 zoo and aquarium members who pride themselves on their excellent animal welfare, education and conservation work.

This year BIAZA turns 50 and our organisation has borne witness to and supported considerable change within  the zoo and aquarium community over the past five decades. When the Association was formed as the Federation of Zoological Gardens of  Britiain and Ireland in 1966, there was a growing recognition that there was a need for standardised principles and practices to be adopted in animal husbandry. The Federation implemented a zoo inspection process to ensure the highest levels of animal welfare were achieved, and created a community that encouraged its members to share expertise and best practice with the aim of continuously improving standards. 

Today, modern zoological establishments are much more than places where the public can go to view a range of different animals. Our members who proudly display the BIAZA logo are declaring that they have the highest levels of animal welfare, they participate in conservation projects, their discovery and learning programmes are continuously being developed, and they are actively contributing to a body of research that will, ultimately, help us to conserve species in the wild.  

Facts & Figures

•  Around 25 million people visit BIAZA collections every year (one in three of the population of Britain and Ireland)

•  More than 1,300,000 people (mainly children) come to BIAZA collections each year on an organized educational visit

•  Over 700 projects involving research and training for research are carried out in BIAZA member collections each year, many of these measuring behaviour with the aim of improving animal welfare.

•  BIAZA members support over 500 field conservation projects (including work on British and Irish native species) contributing over £14 million per year


BIAZA Awards and Annual
Conference 2016                

To be held at Marwell Wildlife on 6-8 June 2016

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BIAZA Buy an Acre Campaign 2016

For this year's campaign we are continuning to focus our fundraising efforts in Argentina. 

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 BIAZA News Winter edition 2017

Protecting painted dogs Home and Away

Vaccination in the 21st Century

Supporting IUCN's SSCs. 


 BIAZA Annual report 2015

With contributions from our chairman, CEO, treasurer and much more.

Click on the photo to read the report.


Sir David Attenborough thanks BIAZA for his Lifetime Achievement Award


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Paignton Zoo's Great Big Rhino Project has made crucial donations of cash to wildlife conservation on two continents. The Project is to give £60,000 to support work in Africa and South East Asia to protect rhinos in the wild. More

Collaborative research by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Bristol Zoological Society and the Comorian NGO Dahari has revealed the Livingstone’s fruit bat is likely to be the most endangered fruit bat in the world. 


New data released by WWF and ZSL (Zoological Society of London) today reveals that overall global vertebrate populations are on course to decline by an average of 67 per cent from 1970 levels by the end of this decade, unless urgent action is taken to reduce humanity’s impact on species and ecosystems.


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